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Bodh Gaya Marathon

Welcome to a marathon like no other, where the path is not just about distance but also about the soul-stirring journey it encompasses. The Bodh Gaya Marathon Route is a sacred pilgrimage, taking you through places of religious significance that have shaped the very essence of spirituality. Lace up your shoes, and let us guide you through this extraordinary experience.

“The One who has conquered himself is a far greater hero than he who has defeated a thousand times a thousand men.”

Gautam Buddha

The Bodhgaya Marathon Committee (BMC), is an initiative by the Borisu Sesang Foundation a passionate NGO composed of members who share a collective vision of fostering global harmony and spiritual enlightenment, is dedicated to promoting world peace. The Committee is organizing the Bodh Gaya Marathon—an event that aims to unite seekers from diverse backgrounds in a shared journey of self-discovery. Through this platform, they seek to inspire individuals to transcend boundaries, embrace compassion, and find solace in the pursuit of spirituality. With unwavering dedication, the Committee aims to create a ripple effect of peace and harmony, transforming Bodh Gaya into a beacon of hope for all those in search of enlightenment and inner tranquility.

Furthermore, the Committee aims to uplift nearby villages, which boast great heritage sites like Sujatagarh, Dungeshwari, and Dharmaranya Temple. By developing proper roads connecting these villages to Bodh Gaya town, the Committee seeks to empower local communities, provide improved access to opportunities, and initiate a ripple effect of positive change. The BMC is fully devoted to sports and outdoor activities and is an initiative by the Borisu Sesang Foundation – an NGO with FCRA registration number 231661879, which has been running a free school (Bogwang Academy) at Sravasti (India) for eight years.

The Borisu Sesang Foundation has also organized numerous relief, medical, and educational camps: 1. Conducted Relief camp at GORKHA (Nepal) during 2015 Nepal Earthquake. 2. Conducted Relief camp at NEW DELHI during Covid 19.

The Bodh Gaya Marathon Committee is committed to organizing an International standard MARATHON at Bodh Gaya, known as "the land of Buddha," for global peace and harmony each year. The primary aim is for participants and runners to attain Enlightenment by following the footsteps of Lord Buddha. The philosophy of "running for global peace" guides all participants and runners, making them all winners.

The Bodhgaya Marathon Committee is a certified member of AIMS (Association of International Marathon & Distance Races).

AIMS Certification - Bodh Gaya Marathon has been granted the prestigious AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) certification. This recognition marks a significant milestone for our marathon and showcases our commitment to organizing a world-class event adhering to international standards.