Event Information

Event Information

Age Categories

Full Marathon & Half Marathon (Age categories)
18 to 34 Years (3 Male & Female)
35 to 44 Years (3 Male & Female)
45 to 54 Years (3 Male & Female)
55 to 64 Years (3 Male & Female)
65+ Years (3 Male & Female)

10 KM (No Age Categories)

Top 3 Males and 3 Females

5 KM - Fun Run (No prizes & No Age Categories

The top 3 males and 3 females in Marathon and Half Marathon will be rewarded with cash prizes

Note:- There are no cash prizes in age categories.
Only trophies will given to age categories winners with Certificates

Important Information for Bodhgaya Marathon Participants

1. Customized BIBs: To receive a customized BIB with your name, please make sure to register at least 15 days before the event date.

2. Non-Transferable Registration:
Registrations with discounted rates are non-transferable. The registered participants must use the BIB assigned to them.

3. BIB Expo:
The BIB Expo will take place one day prior to the event at the designated venue. There will be no BIB Expo on the event day.

4. BIB Collection on Behalf of Others:
If someone is collecting BIBs on behalf of other participants, they must present a consent letter from the registered participants in order to receive the BIB.

5. No On-Spot Registration:
On-spot registrations will not be available. Participants must register in advance to secure their participation.

6. BIB Exchange:
Participants are not allowed to exchange their timing BIBs with others. Each BIB is unique and should only be used by the assigned participant. Any participant found wearing another participant's BIB will be disqualified.

7. Proper Placement of BIB:
Participants must wear their BIB on their chest, ensuring it is visible. Wearing the BIB on the back will result in disqualification from the winner's list.

8. Email Updates:
All event-related updates will be shared via the registered email address.

Facilities provided during the event

1. Baggage Counter:
There will be a baggage counter available at the venue for participants to store their belongings securely.

2. Medical Support:
Ambulances will be stationed along the route, and a dedicated medical team will be present at the venue and at multiple points along the route.

3. Hydration Points:
Hydration points will be available at regular intervals of 1-2.5 kilometers to provide participants with Hydration support

4. Washroom Facilities:
Washrooms will be accessible at the start/finish area and along the route for participants' convenience.

5. Timing System:
Timing systems will be in place at the start/finish line, 5 kilometers, 10.5 kilometers, and 21 kilometers for timed runners participating in the respective categories.

6. Route Marking:
The route will be clearly marked with arrows and other indicators to guide participants along the correct path during the half marathon.

7. Pre-Event Zumba and Post-Run Cool down:
Participants can enjoy a pre-event Zumba session to warm up and a post-run cool down session to cool down their bodies.

8. Route Marshals and Volunteers:
Route marshals will be stationed at various points along the route to guide participants, and volunteers will be present at hydration points and other locations to provide assistance.

9. Start and Finish Line:
The start and finish lines will be clearly marked and well-organized, providing participants with a seamless race experience.

10. BIB with Timing Chips:
Participants in the timed categories (42.195 km, 21.097 km, and 10K) will be provided with timing chips to accurately record their race times.

11. Medical Aid Stations:
Along the route, there will be dedicated medical aid stations equipped with medical professionals and supplies to attend to any participant in need of assistance.

12. Energy Stations:
In addition to hydration points, energy stations will be strategically placed along the route, offering participants energy gels, fruits, or other nutritional supplements to support their performance during the race.

13. Route Entertainment:
To keep the spirit high and energize participants, there may be music, Dhole, or cheering squads at various points along the route.

14. Photography and Videography:
Professional photographers and videographers may be stationed at key locations to capture memorable moments of the participants' journey. These visuals will be made available for participants to relive their marathon experience.

15. Finisher Medals and Certificates:
Participants who successfully complete the race will be awarded finisher medals and certificates as a token of their achievement. These mementos can be cherished as a reminder of their participation in the Bodhgaya Marathon.

16. Post-Race Refreshments:
After crossing the finish line, participants will have access to post-race refreshments.

17. Event Merchandise:
Official Bodhgaya Marathon merchandise, such as t-shirts, caps, or wristbands, may be available for purchase as souvenirs or memorabilia of the event.

18. Transportation and Parking:
Information regarding parking facilities and transportation arrangements to and from the venue will be communicated to participants in advance to ensure a smooth arrival and departure process.

19. Lost and Found:
A dedicated Lost and Found area will be set up at the event venue to assist participants in retrieving any lost items during the marathon.

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